Kappatos Athens Art Residency

The non-profit organisation “Pantheon” has launched in 2013 the first official Art Residency in Greece:

“Kappatos Athens Art Residency”, supported by a European fund (NFRS: National Strategic Reference Framework 2007–2013) and the public art programme “Publicscapes: Art and Curatorial Practice in the Public Sphere”.

Located in the historical centre of Athens, overlooking the Parthenon, the programme supports artistic research and production for art professionals from around the world and will select established and emerging artists to share a live/work space for a six-week programme marked by intimate studio visits with, and public lectures by, distinguished leaders in contemporary art and curation and to exhibit for the following four-weeks at the Exhibition Space.

“Kappatos Athens Art Residency” is supported by the European Fund (NFRS) for the production of the project “Operation of Hosting of Artists and Personalities of the Arts and Production of Cultural Activities, Visual Artworks and the organisation of Exhibitions, Publications, Art Events and Educational Workshops and their respective publication” that offers an engaging programme, open and free of charge to the public, and that has an impact on Greek contemporary culture by addressing both local and international audiences. The residency aims to accommodate artists so as to promote international exchange of practice and knowledge in the arts (visual and sound art, architecture, performance) and to investigate points of intersection between the arts and the public sphere by means of public interventions and educational programmes.

Accommodation and Exhibition Spaces

The cultural and educational programme take place at “Pantheon’s” exhibition centre and residency (430m² venues) that are located at 12 Athinas street in the historic centre of Athens (Monastiraki).
The Art Residency is quartered in two floors of the building, the 320sq.m exhibition space is situated on the 2nd floor and the accommodation on the 7th floor a 111sq.m space with a panoramic view of Athens, in particular of the Archaeological sites of the Parthenon, of Thission and Lycabettus. The exhibition space of the residency and the space for the production of works by the artists is located on 2nd floor while on the 7th floor the art-professionals are accommodated in an astonishing flat with a 150sq.m terrace.

The Non-Profit Organisation

The organisation is actively committed to the research, development and presentation of influential contemporary art exhibitions (ROOMS, Visions, Unfair). “Pantheon” is best known for its critical contribution to contemporary art in Greece, and has presented innovative art events in public venues. The non-profit organisation is committed to the promotion of emerging artists and organises/curates the historic annual exhibition since 2000, entitled “Rooms”, in collaboration with established curators and art historians, that aims to present talented emerging artists that haven’t yet presented their work at solo exhibitions. “Pantheon” has been awarded a grant from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for the production of the contemporary art exhibition ROOMS2012. The non-profit organisation is registered at the bureau of the Greek Ministry of Culture and is associated to Kappatos Gallery, a gallery that has introduced to the greek public acclaimed international artists such as: Marina Abramoviç, Lynda Benglis, Louise Bourgeois, Phil Collins, Nasos Daphnis, Jan Dibbets, Rebecca Horn, Roni Horn, William Kentridge, Kai Schiemenz, Penny Siopis, Theodoros Stamos.
“Kappatos Athens Art Residency” launches a distinctive programme that will appeal to the contemporary art world as a ground-breaking visual art institution and aims to enhance the Athenian cultural sector by promoting international artistic expertise and new art movements. The implementation of these objectives is a priority for all the decisions made by the board of the Residency in relation to the exhibition programme.

Artistic and Organisational Board (AOB)

The Residency’s Artistic and Organisational Board aims to safeguard the transparency of the programme its international status with regard to the quality of the provided hospitality and the production of cultural and educational programmes.
The Residency’s AOB (Artistic and Organisational Board) has the responsibility of organising the programme and of selecting members to form an honorary consulting international committee, that consists of acclaimed international art professionals: artists, art historians, collectors, curators, academics and directors of museums, art fairs and institutions such as Marina Abramovic, Lynda Benglis, Katerina Koskina and others.
The members of the committee have a significant impact on the Residency’s decision making by proposing artists, by participating at the educational programmes and by discussing with the Art Residency’s staff for the implementation of the aims of the programme.
The Residency’s AOB is also responsible for the selection of supporters and sponsors, so as to secure the effective operation, the high quality, the consistency and longevity of the programme as a institution that is culturally active in Greece and internationally.
The AOB promotes international exchange and the educational programme of the Residency by travelling abroad and by coming into personal contact and exchange with important institutions, universities and artists, so as to launch collaborative projects, conferences and academic research programmes.
The Art Residency is an original programme that advances cultural growth in the context of contemporary art and constitutes an important initiative for the introduction and establishment of a new institute for the advancement of the artistic and creative activities offered in Athens. The AOB co-ordinates the Residency and implements the educational and cultural programme.


–The hosting of two artists or groups every year for the duration of three years, until 31/12/2015. Each resident will be accommodated for 6 weeks at the Residency space.
–Two exhibitions per year for the duration of three years until 31/12/2015. The exhibition of each artist or artist group will be organised for 4-6 weeks time in the exhibition space of the residency.
The aforementioned activities will be documented by the following ways and will be produced as a result of these processes:
-A detailed programme of the Residency, which will be available online
-A folder including the educational programmes and actions for each artist
-Photographic material and video of the artistic events
-Printed material, posters, flyers, programme of events, invitations
-Copies of Press Releases (1/event) and Press Interview
-Copies of printed material
-Copies of press cuttings (articles in newspapers and magazines) with references to the Residency
-Copies of pages from the visitor book
-Website of the residency

Selection Criteria: Emerging and of Acclaimed Artists

The AOB in collaboration with the honorary international committee is responsible for the selection of “Emerging” and “Established” artists (sculptors, painters, new media artists, installation artists, performers, etc). The established artists are invited by Residency’s AOB.
The “Emerging” artists or artist groups/collectives (sculptors, painters, new media artists, installation artists) are invited to send their portfolio via an open call published at relevant sites and international networks.
The criteria for the selection of emerging artists are based on artistic excellence, research and practice, academic studies, contemporary art production, interdisciplinary artistic creation, interest in the development of interrelations with the local art scene and the audience of the country. In conjunction with participation to international exhibitions, festivals, “independent/alternative” art spaces and contribution to publications and editions of contemporary art.
The residency is committed to promoting and practicing diversity and equality of opportunity.
The criteria for the selection of acclaimed artists are based on their status in the international contemporary art world, the originality and importance of their work, and on their impact on contemporary thought and methodologies; furthermore, on their ability to disseminate knowledge and insights through workshops, masterclasses, and perhaps their interest in the cultural production of Greece, the history and culture of the country.
Kappatos Athens Art Residency employs scientific personnel with graduate, postgraduate or doctorate degrees in the fields of Theory/History/Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics, as well as with experience, knowledge, responsibility and expertise in the art sector.

Kappatos Athens Art Residency

Director: Gerasimos Kappatos


email: pan8eon@otenet.gr